Music Editor Free 9.2.1

Let the inner musician in you out as you edit through all of your favorite compositions

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000

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Music Editor Free 9.2.1
Music Editor Free 2014

Music Editor Free is a sophisticated audio editing platform for Windows.

Music Editor Free is an advanced music editing platform that features many different tools. It can certainly meet your needs across a range of scenarios. It’s also free to use for personal purposes but not technically freeware since you’ll need to pay for a license—one license per three computers—if you want to use it commercially. We’ll discuss the license situation a bit more in the conclusion.

For personal use, Music Editor Free is fantastic and rivals a lot of the paid solutions that are out there. The built-in sound recorder in Windows lets you record from a mic or similar input, but this program supports all inputs and can capture audio from podcasts, music videos and more. You can even extract music from video files on YouTube and the like, and the program doesn’t even require site-specific support for you to be able to rip audio straight from the videos you watch.

Music Editor Free supports most major audio formats, and it can read from and convert to all of the formats it supports. You can edit audio files with options like trim, cut, copy, paste, insert and more. You can even convert your recordings and other sound files to ringtones that can be used with iPhones and Android smartphones. The program also supports adding audio affects, and the supported effects include reverse, echo, noise reduction, equalization, amplification and dozens more.

As mentioned, Music Editor Free is free to use as often and for as long as you like as long as you’re using for non-commercial purposes. If you do want to use it for commercial purposes, you’ll need to ante up. It’s not a bad deal in the sense that you get full access to the program to determine if its right for your needs. The issue potentially is that the commercial license requires an annual subscription, and the non-sale price for the unlimited access is essentially a two-plus year commitment.


  • Music editing platform
  • Free for non-commercial purposes


  • Purchase is subscription-based

If you have ever wanted to import and edit sound files for remixes, sound effects or movies, a free music editor is what you need for your computer. It also allows you to use a microphone to record your own music or sounds.

Importing Sounds

There are many ways to import music files into the music editor. The user interface has options for importing directly from a CD, adding an already saved file and recording your own voice through the microphone. The tone generator can be used to add robotic sound effects as well as changing your voice to a robotic one. It's voice activated, too.

Manipulating Sounds

The editor has functions like cut, copy and paste to move certain sections of music or recording and relocate them to another area or remove it completely. It has insert, silence and delete options as well. This makes editing convenient especially with the zoom option, which lets you zoom in and cut out sections with precision.

There is a section of options for smoothing out sounds like removing click pops and noise reduction for removing white noise or extra sounds. The interface allows you to work on more than one audio file and save them as one project. This is perfect for movies and videos where there is more than one audio file for the entire movie.

The program is lightweight and does not take up many resources, which makes it great for performing many tasks at once. You can upload and alter files without worrying about freezing in the middle of tasks if you are running on a slower computer.


  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to use
  • There are many functions for editing
  • Supports 6000Hz to 96000Hz, mono, stereo, and 8 through 32 bits


  • Might freeze occasionally during upload

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